AL Advising

Philanthropic and Political Consulting

Philanthropy is like wine: good grapes plus good terroir makes good wine. Candidates and organizations are the grapes you wish to cultivate; they need care, pruning, monitoring, and yes, sometimes they need to wither on the vine. Terroir includes the resources you start with and what you can add such as mission, staff, and money.

AL Advising is the winemaker: we work with both donors and organizations to maximize impact.

Maybe it's because I'm a new Mom

I've become a Podcast devotee. I can quietly listen to something without that little screen serving as a Mom and baby distraction.

There are several new political podcasts. Here are a few I recommend:

  • Off Message: Glenn Thrush of Politico does excellent long-form interviews with key political figures.
  • Keepin' it 1600: Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer, Obama White House alums (and former colleagues of mine on the Kerry campaign) offer funny insights into the week's news.
  • The Axe Files with David Axelrod: President Obama's former right-hand strategist interviews politicos and other prominent leaders.
  • Politico's 2016 Nerdcast: Not as informative as I had hoped but some good analysis. 
  • The Pollsters: Bi-partisan duo Margie Omero and Kristen Soltis Anderson discuss new polling in politics, business, pop culture, and the like. Funny and informative on a wonky topic.
  • The West Wing Weekly: a new-ish podcast devoted to re-capping episodes of The West Wing with former castmate Joshua Malina and superfan Hrishikesh Hirway; often has other cast members and writers featured.