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Philanthropic and Political Consulting

Philanthropy is like wine: good grapes plus good terroir makes good wine. Candidates and organizations are the grapes you wish to cultivate; they need care, pruning, monitoring, and yes, sometimes they need to wither on the vine. Terroir includes the resources you start with and what you can add such as mission, staff, and money.

AL Advising is the winemaker: we work with both donors and organizations to maximize impact.

Pew's new study on social media

Pew is out with yet another fascinating look at changes in how we communicate via social media. Following up on their 2012 report, Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015 includes detailed demographic information across platforms. 

There are many implications here -- from allowing political campaigns to better target favorable audiences to trends among Millennials. I'm particularly impressed by the non-white usage of newer platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.