AL Advising

Philanthropic and Political Consulting

Philanthropy is like wine: good grapes plus good terroir makes good wine. Candidates and organizations are the grapes you wish to cultivate; they need care, pruning, monitoring, and yes, sometimes they need to wither on the vine. Terroir includes the resources you start with and what you can add such as mission, staff, and money.

AL Advising is the winemaker: we work with both donors and organizations to maximize impact.

Millennial Impact Project

With support from the Case Foundation, the Millennial Impact Report has been looking at Millennials as donors and volunteers to causes since 2010. Their new report synthesizes findings of several past reports into a Top 100 facts and quotes. The findings are in-line with other research but clearly reveal Millennials preferences for giving time and money. (I was struck by #22 and #81.)