AL Advising

Philanthropic and Political Consulting

Philanthropy is like wine: good grapes plus good terroir makes good wine. Candidates and organizations are the grapes you wish to cultivate; they need care, pruning, monitoring, and yes, sometimes they need to wither on the vine. Terroir includes the resources you start with and what you can add such as mission, staff, and money.

AL Advising is the winemaker: we work with both donors and organizations to maximize impact.

Welcome to AL Advising!

Hi there,

Thanks for checking out our new website. We'll use the News blog to post original content about philanthropy, organizational development, politics, Millennials, and anything else that seems relevant to our work. We'll also repost thought-provoking news articles and other stories. 

We welcome feedback as we get the blog going. Don't forget to check us out our founder, Alexandra Acker-Lyons, on social media as well.